World's Most Powerful Spells is a Scam

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spell Casting Services or Scammers

If you are looking for a spell casting service or a spell caster, never use World's Most Powerful Spells at I hired High Priestess Katherine Uhls through this website to do a spell for me, but it never worked. The website guarantees that it will give you your money back if the spell doesn't work, but when I asked for a return I never received a response, even though I asked three times!

World's Most Powerful Spells is a branch of Magic Portal; hence, I recommed that you never pay Magic Portal to cast a spell for you because you will most certainaly be scammed. They offer the following services:

Love Spells
Love Return Spells
Fidelity Spells
Binding Spells
Marriage Spells
Breakup Spells
Divorce Spells
Money Spells
Luck Spells
Job Spells
Fertility Spells
Success Spells
Revenge Spells
Protection Spells
Hex Removal Spells

I payed spell caster Katherine Uhls to cast the Luck Spell, which supposedly makes you win the lottery. Do not pay for any of these spells! These spells will not work and you will never get your money back because it's a scam. If you wish to complain, write to or or to tell them what you think about their scamming practices.

Remember, if you need spell casting services or a spell caster never use World's Most Powerful Spells or Magic Portal. They claim to have a large number of satisfied customers and clients and to consider customer satisfaction a priority, but my experience proves that their guarantee is a mere fallacy.